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"Every time I use my De La Sidra bag, I am struck by its beauty and the powerful connection it gives me the the strong women of Guatemala who have created this magnificent bag! I loved it so much when I bought it that I immediately purchased a similar bag for my daughter. Each time a fill it, either for work or with items for leisure activities, I am proud to be the owner of such a meaningful purchase. I hope that in some small way I have helped to empower women to be the change they wish to see in their communities! As we say here in my area - Carpe Diem - Seize the day!"   

Angelika Melien

"I purchased my first De La Sidra bag, the San Juan Tote bag, a couple of years ago. It is a gorgeous, unique, and classic piece of practical art. It gives me so much pride to wear this bag, as it represents the crafts(wo)manship, expertise, and history of Guatemala. I habitually carry around more things than I need, and this bag bears the weight perfectly. It is easy to keep clean and looks just as lovely as it did when I purchased it. I will continue to support De La Sidra and the women that create these gorgeous pieces - I feel grateful to be able to have a piece of Guatemala with me here in the US."

Laurel Klafehn

"I was delighted to purchase two clutch-size purses from De La Sidra. I bought two because I couldn’t decide between my two favorite patterns! Though I was originally drawn to the bright colors and thoughtful details (the color chosen for the inside is even fantastic!) over time, I’ve been  impressed with the high-quality workmanship. Knowing my purchase supports women of the world is an added bonus to what are already delightful accessories.”

Brand Consulting


Maggie Bergin

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