A patchy one of a kind storyteller around your wrist! Created with dark blue Morga or Corte skirt fabric and upcycled leftover patches of many Huipiles from different towns around Guatemala! Designed as an eco friendly and no waste  practical case, your essentials are treasured in a solid red fabric lined interior.  

*The story:

The morga, is the dark blue corte or skirt, and is woven with different white stripe combinations that vary from village to village.  This is true too for the Huipiles or blouses the indigenous women traditionally weave in their home backstrap loom.


Handmade by: Teresa from Manos Preciosas

  • Industrial Plastic Red Zipper top closure with leather tab.
  • Zipper inner pocket for extra essentials.
  • Industrial Plastic Zipper side pocket with leather tab.
  • Corte fabric Handle: Approx. 6 1/2" from seam.
  • Size: Approx.&